Facts and Feelings

A small pool of stagnant water. It is night and the water is still. The moon shines as it was a full moon day. The reflection of the moon is so beautiful to watch. A person stands there admiring the beauty of the reflection of moon on water. Suddenly, one frog leaps into the water. There were ripples. The reflection of moon was distorted, broken to several pieces. It took several minutes for the water to become calm and still. However, the moon in the sky was the same, not distorted or broken. Fact is like the moon in the sky. Feeling is like the reflection of moon on the surface of still water. Feeling or emotions could be disturbed by a small stone or a frog. Feeling could frequently change.

If our faith is based on ‘feel good’ factor, then it would be disturbed quite often. When our faith is based on ‘Fact’ or ‘Truth’ revealed in the Scripture, it could not be disturbed. “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) It is not about ‘feeling’ it is about assurance and conviction. Both, springs from unalterable truth.
As long as we are in this world, the pool of reflection will be disturbed by pebbles thrown at it. Satan is skilled in disturbing the water to make us startled. First, pebble of suspicion is Satan’s favourite weapon. “Did God say…?” This is the pebble he throws often, making us to doubt God’s goodness, greatness and faithfulness.
Second, pebble of fear. Satan enjoys when a believer is afraid of anything: temptation, sickness, broken relationships, failures, financial hardships and even death.
Third, the pebble of worry. Satan reminds us about our vulnerabilities of finances or health or future or career…etc.
Four, pebble of lack of assurance that we are doing God’s Will. None of the pebbles could distort God’s character, love and grace in our lives.

Do I depend of Facts or Feelings for my faith?
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