Parental Prayers

Parents need wisdom to bring up, nurture, teach, train, edify and equip children. There are many parents in the world who are struggling to understand the awesome task. One Punjabi proverb states that bringing up or nurturing a child is equal to a brick of pure gold. Yes, it is an awesome responsibility. When parents fail, families fail which affects society and nation, of course the whole world.
1) God’s initiative: On wedding day, relatives and friends could give material gifts. However, God’s gift to couple is children. God remembered a barren woman and sent an angel to give the blessing or promise, as well as instruction to nurture the child and His plan for the child. Bible records: An angel appeared to wife of Manoah who was barren and promised she would be blessed with a son. Also, the angel gave instructions about parenting. (Judges 13:3-5) God also sent the angel again to instruct Manoah.
2) Mother’s Initiative: Manoah’s wife shared this news with Manoah. Children are blessed by both parents’ initiatives and inputs. The appearance of angel to Manoah’s wife indicates mother’s responsibility. Manoah’s wife also realized she cannot bear this responsibility alone, needed Manoah also to be actively involved. Her hope was valid, and Manoah responded well.
3) Manoah’s initiative: Manoah was certainly excited but felt his responsibility as a father. “Then Manoah prayed to the LORD and said, “O Lord, please let the man of God whom you sent come again to us and teach us what we are to do with the child who will be born.”” (Judges 13:8) God answered this prayer and sent the angel again. Why should the angel come again? God is interested in the responsibility of ‘parenting’. He was willing to depute angel again to provide valuable instructions.
Parenting is a collaborative work of God, mother and father. Yes, there are families with one parent because of unexpected reasons like death or accident. In those situations, God provides special grace for single parents and their children.

Do I understand the importance of Parenting and Honouring Parents?
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