Salvation and Strength

God graciously provides us salvation as well as strength. Prophet Isaiah brings four important aspects of our spiritual life. “In returning and rest you shall be saved; in quietness and in trust shall be your strength.” (Isaiah 30:15)
1) Repentance: God calls all people, prodigals to return home. Prodigal Son in the Parable of Lord Jesus Christ felt remorse, realized his blunder of leaving his home, repented and returned home. Repentance is essential step to be reconciled with God. Grieved for causing distress and pain in God’s heart of love, leads us to genuine repentance.
2) Rest: Lord promised ‘rest’ for those who are heavily loaded with worries, fears, anxiety, doubts, purposelessness, meaninglessness, business, waywardness…etc. (Matthew 11:28) A drowning person who does not know swimming should rest in the arms of expert swimmer, if not he will put down even the expert into depths of water. So, we should rest in His safe arms. Rest is based on the finished work of Lord Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary.
3) Quietness: Rest is not an abrupt stoppage of all actions or fatalistic hopelessness. God gives rest that leads to quietness, calmness and peace. Like a weaned child, with complete dependence and trust on the mother, we learn the spiritual disciple of quietness. (Psalms 131:2) We are not restless flies, but who celebrate God’s faithfulness and kindness.
4) Trust/Confidence: While rest and quietness are passive, inward status of our personality; trust or confidence provides dynamism to face the world in day-today life. This confidence is based on inner resources including courage and strength to face anything: Satan’s attacks, temptations, testing, tribulation and consequences of imperfect environment around us.

Do I enjoy the rest, quietness and confidence?
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