Worried and upset about ‘many’ things

A ‘pop up’ message on his screen makes him stressful. His company makes him work for more than fourteen hours a day. Even, in other non-working hours, he has been advised to be ‘online’ to attend to emergency calls. Hence, the young man was glued to screen 24/7. He lost his sleep, eating times and lost his health too. There is another teenager studying in high school. His father gifted him a smart phone. Now he is glued to the screen all throughout the waking hours. School breaks for lunch is also spent in gaming. Night he sleeps for few hours keeping his phone under his pillow.

Martha was worried and upset about many things. (Luke 10:42) Though, Martha lived in different times, she was also had many things to do, to worry and to be upset.
1) Torment of urgency: ‘Dead lines’ have become ‘deadly.’ Is there real sense of urgency or it is created by bosses or peers or family members? Or due to negligence, lack of diligence or lack of preparation?
2) Torment of distraction: Some people are easily distracted. Sheep tends to go astray and so are humans in spiritual life. (Isaiah 53:6) There are many things that distract in our lives. Instead of having our focus and priority as Kingdom of God, lesser things rise to top spot of attraction.
3) Torment of ‘others’ enjoying: There are others who are envious as others are enjoying. Martha was upset, because Mary was enjoying every moment learning sitting at the feet of Lord Jesus.
4) Torment of ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO): Postmodern hyper-connected generation is tormented by ‘missing it out’ syndrome. They want to be at the top of all updates on walls of friends, Instagram and twitter. Also, they feel missing out when some others enjoy life or accomplish something.

One thing that is needed, eternal, precious and that cannot be snatched away from us is sitting in His presence as Mary did.

Do I have that ONE thing in my life?
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