At Your Word

Lord Jesus Christ called his disciples at the Sea of Galilee. (Luke 5:1-11) A freshwater lake which is about 21 KM long,13 KM wide and about 53 KM in perimeter. There was a crowd in the morning as the fishermen brought their catch and sold it. Two boats were there at the shore, while the nets were being washed. Lord requested Simon Peter to lend him the boat to make it his seat for teaching. Probably, Peter and his colleagues listened as they washed their nets. They were washing the nets in anticipation for the next expedition.
Efforts: Lord commanded Peter to cast the net at the right side or deeper side. Peter said, they toiled all night, caught nothing, but will do as Lord Jesus directed. Obedience to Lord’s command means more efforts. Yes, they were tired and exhausted, perhaps feeling sleepy. Going deep involves risk, there is safety in the shallow waters. It was also time-consuming effort. Lord Jesus expected them to do it immediately with the sense of urgency. It was Uncertain, Uncharted, Unfamiliar and Unsafe course of action.
Promise: First, Peter trusted the Lord and His Word. Faith is essential for obedience, growth, and success. Second, Peter took that as a Promise from the Lord. Third, God’s Word reveals God’s will, Peter fulfilled the Will of God. Four, it was also a commandment.
Results: There was no change at all. First, they are going to the same sea. Second, the personnel were the same failed fishermen. Third, the boat was the same boat, the difference was it was used by the Lord to preach the gospel. Four, the net was the same, perhaps, a little cleaner. The result was amazing. The net was about to break. Peter had to signal his friends to come and help. The catch was two boats full. Five, Peter becomes a disciple of Lord Jesus Christ.
Through the Prophet Isaiah, the Lord challenges us to enlarge our vision by enlarging our tents, lengthening cords, strengthening stakes, spread abroad and possess the nations. (Isaiah 54:2,3)
Do I launch deep listening to His Word?