Blessed parents! Blessed Children!!

The Bible teaches many aspects of being blessed. The primary aspect is to receive forgiveness of sins. The other privilege is to mediate the Word of God, day, and night. (Psalms 32:1; 1:1-3) Today, it is sad to see several children involving in criminal activities or commit suicide. Parents are responsible to teach their children to be blessed.
1) Selflessness: Instead of driving children to ruthless competition with other children, they should be taught to care and share with others. Treating other children like sworn enemies and competitors who should be eradicated is dangerous and disastrous.
2) Sacrifice: “Me only” and “right now” mentality of children is nurtured by ambitious parents. Parents fail to teach children the value of sacrifice, which is opposite of possessiveness. Allowing children to experience gratification without limits leads them to have an entitlement mentality. The antidote is to teach them to be grateful, gracious, and generous.
3) Service: Parents should teach children the value of service by training them to help in household chores like chopping vegetables, setting tables for dinner, washing dishes, clothes, mopping floor, cleaning washroom, changing bed covers…etc.
4) Stewardship: Life is a gift from God to use our talents and abilities to serve the community. Children are in the world with a purpose that is intended by God and not for the purpose of parents. Many parents like to see their unfulfilled ambitions to be fulfilled in their children. Parents say: “Ï could not become a doctor (Engineer, IAS officer, study in IIT, IIM), I want you to become one.” Instead of fulfilling God’s intended purpose, children are forced to fulfil vague dreams of their parents. This ends up in frustration.
5) Success: Parents should teach their children that success is not just getting marks and getting a well-paid job. Parents misguided children by giving material values more importance than spiritual and moral values. Truthfulness, Justice, love, peace, giving, sharing, caring, righteousness, hard work, human dignity, obedience, commitment, honesty, integrity, purity, patience, kindness, …are ignored.
Do I know why I live and teach others too?