Culture or Scripture?

There are some people who believe that culture is divine, and traditions are supreme. It cannot be trespassed or changed. Many times, the cultural and traditional practices are not that were originally intended. In the Sermon of the Mount, Lord Jesus said on several occasions: You have heard that it was said…but I say to you. (Matthew 5:21-28) When we share the gospel and practice gospel values, we are called to demonstrate the Scriptural principles are higher and holier than culture and tradition.
One missionary couple served in a rural context, where women were not valued. Wives were treated like slaves or properties. They did not have any rights; victims of domestic violence and daughters cannot own any property. When couples went out, the husband used to walk ahead, and the wife had to follow a few meters. They cannot walk shoulder to shoulder. However, missionary couple walked together. This became a point of discussion in homes. That gave them an opportunity to share the gospel.
1) Culture corrupted: All cultures are corrupted by sin. No culture could be claimed as divine or pure or perfect or absolute. Deifying culture is dangerous. The practice of treating women as inferior in any culture is sin.
2) Creation: God created humans in His image. Women also bear the image of God.
3) Family: God considered Adam to be alone, hence, God created Eve as his companion. (Genesis 2:18) Both become interdependent on one another. Creating an atmosphere to make wife dependent on husband is downgrading of the institution of marriage.
4) Christ died for all: Lord Jesus Christ died for all humanity. Women are equal candidates to receive salvation and eternal life.
5) Freedom: Gospel values bring freedom to all those who are victims and in bondage to cultural unbiblical values. When the gospel brings light in the hearts of people, individuals will be transformed. (II Corinthians 4:6) They will transform the culture.
Culture cannot evaluate or judge the Holy Bible. Of course, the Bible examines, judges, redeems and transforms culture.
Do I follow the Scripture or the culture?