Dangerous Spiritual Pride

Spiritual pride is dangerous, that they consider themselves superior to others, closer to God than others and have more privileges than others.
1) Pharisees: The Pharisees, the religious elite were a strict sect of disciplinarians, who tried to fulfil the Law of Moses. Their number did not exceed more than six thousand at any point of time in history. However, they compare themselves with common people and take pride in their spiritual accomplishments. (Luke 18:9-14) Pharisees considered that they were not evildoers or robbers or adulterers or tax collectors; but spiritually superior to other men and women. Hence, they thought God was obliged to listen to the prayers. The Pharisee went back from God’s presence, without any transformation, while the humble sinner went back as righteous. Looking down upon others is an expression of spiritual pride.
2) Uzziah: King Uzziah thought his military success made him a spiritual giant that he took the role of a priest. He violated God’s rule for the Temple that only Levites and Priests could enter and minister. God struck Uzziah with leprosy. (II Chronicles 26:19)
3) Elijah: Elijah, one of the greatest prophets claimed that he was the only believer. His spiritual pride refused to recognize other believers. God had to correct him, without his knowledge there existed 7000 believers who had not compromised in worshipping other gods. (I Kings 19:18) Elijah did not recognize the faith of Obadiah and one hundred prophets who were hidden and sustained by Obadiah. (I Kings 18:13)
4) Disciples: The disciples in their spiritual pride were surprised to see someone casting out demons in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ, they stopped him. Lord said: “Do not stop him, for the one who is not against you is for you.” (Luke 9:49-50)
All of us will be surprised to see numerous people whom we had refused to recognize will be present in Heaven. Spiritual pride could be because of holiness or denomination pride or knowledge of the Bible. God is against all pride including those who are spiritually proud.
Am I humble in all areas of my life?