Deliverance and Liberty

People are in search of different kinds of emancipation.
Political: People living under an oppressive king want deliverance. There are nations invaded and the victims long for independence. They wish to escape from the tyranny of the sins of the dictator or ruthless ruler.
Economic: Some people are exploited by powerful and rich people. No fair wages, no safe workplace, no bonus, no increment…etc. They desire deliverance from the sins of such exploiters.
Social: Social oppression in the form of Caste, Clan, and Class systems are in all places. Many are sold as slaves or life-long servants. These people aspire for social liberation from the sins approved and celebrated by society.
Family abuse: Some children are abused verbally, emotionally, and physically. They seek deliverance from the sins of their parents or step-parents. Spouses who are victims of domestic violence, verbal abuse, and emotional oppression seek liberation from the sins of their own family members.
Parochialism: Others are victims of racism, parochialism, linguistic chauvinism, religious fundamentalism, and even skin color. They long for deliverance from the sins of such people who are paranoid.
Sins of others: All experience the consequences of the sins of others who are insensitive to others, selfish, proud, and do not recognize the rights of others. It could be from any source. Such people long and even pray for a miraculous deliverance. However, they are not aware of their own sins. They try to remove the speck from others’ eyes while ignoring beams in their own eyes. (Matthew 7:5)
True Spiritual deliverance: Joseph was not sure if he should take the betrothal agreement with Mary to a logical conclusion of marriage. Lord spoke to him, commanding him to go ahead with marriage as Mary conceived through the overshadowing power of the Holy Spirit. “She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Jesus, for he will save his people from their sins.” (Matthew 1:21) Deliverance from the slavery of sin is more important than deliverance from the consequences of sins of others.
Do I celebrate Christmas experiencing deliverance from my sin?