Documents become alive

Many documents are dumbed down in history, never to be retrieved. Sometimes, they are retrieved. Yes, God does not forget our labour of love. (Hebrews 6:10) God uses such retrieved memories or documents to fulfil His purpose. Prisoner friend of Joseph forgot him for two years. God helped him to remember that changed history of Joseph and Israel. (Genesis 40: 23; 41:9) Another incident in Esther is worth reflecting upon. (Esther 6)
1) Sleepless king: The king Ahasuerus could not sleep. He summoned his assistants to bring the records of memorable deeds and start reading. Bigthan and Teresh were eunuchs who plotted to kill the king, Mordecai gave vital information that spared the King’s life. Yet, Mordecai was not honoured or rewarded. The king at dawn was determined to honour Mordecai.
2) Warning to Haman: Haman who had conspired to kill Mordecai and all the Jewish people in the 127 provinces of the empire had come to the palace. He wanted to speak about hanging Mordecai in the gallows he had made. However, the king asked how a person whom the king wants to honour would be treated. Haman thought it was himself; suggested to clothe the person majestically and take a public procession on the mule of the king hailing the esteemed person. King ordered Haman to do exactly that for Mordecai. It was God’s warning for Haman.
3) Reward of Mordecai: The reward for Mordecai was denied at that time. Perhaps, Mordecai could have felt upset that the king did not reward him. Exaltation, honour or rewards do not come from East, or West or South, but from the Lord. (Psalms 75:6,7)
4) God’s Timing: Mordecai was fighting to save the life of himself, queen Esther and all the Jewish nation scattered throughout the Empire. It was a tense moment for him if his plan would succeed? God answers by bringing up a dead document of a memorable deed alive, executes reward and that too by Haman. It was an assurance for Mordecai’s resolve to fight for protection of Jews.
Can I trust in God’s power to resurrect my dead situations?