Dying man and pride

A man was dying and needed help. There came a doctor, the man refused to be touched or treated by him. The reason was he was from a caste different and lower to his own caste. In his pride he died. Pride is dangerous and it precedes fall. (Proverbs 16:18)
1) Privilege: People consider themselves as privileged. They are superior, greater and will not be part of anything which is termed as ‘common.’ Privilege could be because of their position in social or political hierarchy or education or wealth.
2) Ancestry: There are others who are proud about their ancestors or forefathers. They were always right and should do as they had done in the past. Many people even worship their ancestors as they believe people become gods after death. Hence, they reject new ideas and new light of truth in their lives.
3) Culture: For some their culture is supreme, even greater than life. Hence, they wish to protect their culture. When they see a threat to their culture, they become violent. ‘Honour/Horror killing’ of couples who marry outside their caste is an example. Being proud of their culture they have a low view of other cultures.
4) Language: For some their language is the ‘heavenly language’ which is spoken in heaven too. Other language speakers are considered as uncultured, inferior and even fools.
5) Face: Some people are tall or fair or healthy because of the environment. They tend to look at others as ugly. Individuals who are beautiful or handsome pity or mock others.
6) Race: Superiority of races has gripped some and caused great damage to humanity. Aryan superiority by Hitler and apartheid in South Africa are some examples. Millions suffered because of discrimination, harassment and oppression.
7) Grace: Most dangerous is the spiritual pride or pride of grace. God has bestowed upon his people love, mercy and grace. However, some people consider themselves as ‘holier-than-you,’ ill-treated and condemn others. It can take the form of denominational pride considering their church denomination superior to others.
Do I have pride in my hearts?