Fall of three people!

Pride or haughtiness is the reason for downfall of many. (Proverbs 16:8; 18:12) Bible has numerous examples
1) David: God gave him kingship that He called him from being shepherd. (Psalms 78:70-72) God gave him success against Goliath and rescued from Saul who was hell-bent to destroy him. When he enjoyed great power, prestige and possessions, pride engulfed him. God tested David that Satan instigated him to take a census. (II Samuel 24:1; I Chronicles 21:1) God had promised, Abraham’s descendants will be like stars of sky, uncountable. (Genesis 15:5) Even when Census is taken when God directs, each person counted was supposed to pay ransom for his life, otherwise plague would be inevitable. (Exodus 30:12) David even rejected Joab’s advice. The result was plague, in which 70000 people died. David wanted to know over how many people he was lording over and how strong is his army. That pride led to his downfall.
2) Nebuchadnezzar: God gave dreams to Nebuchadnezzar revealing his global plan of history. He did not remember the dream nor understood the meaning. Daniel gave him the interpretation. However, he built the majestic city of Babylon with Hanging Gardens and self-congratulated himself for his royalty, majesty and glory. (Daniel 4:30) He was removed from being King and had to dwell in forest for seven years.
3) Herod: Herod the Great, slaughtered the infants in Bethlehem. (Matthew 2:16) Herod the tetrarch, his nephew beheaded John the Baptist. (Luke 9:9) Herod Agrippa, grandson of Herod the Great, controlled resources route to Tyre and Sidon. In order to appease him, they came to make peace. Arrayed in pride, seated with his royal majestic robes, spoke and the audience applauded him: “The voice of God and not of a man.” (Acts 12:20-23) Herod thought they were dependent on him to give food, self-exalted himself, accepted praise of God as God as well as prophet. Luke records that he died eaten by worms, probably maggots infested gangrene.
Pride is abomination for God. God loves humble people.
Am I humble in my attitude, words, and behaviour?