Five excuses of Moses

God commissions his people to fulfil His plan and purposes in the world. It is human nature to give excuses as we all are risk averse. People like Moses, Jeremiah and Jonah are some examples who were reluctant. Moses tries to escape by giving five excuses.
1) Identity: Moses asked the Lord: Who am I? (Exodus 3:11) How can a refugee in Midian, a criminal being searched in Egypt and an eighty-year-old do such a thing? Confront the world superpower to release the children of Israel? Our identity is in Lord Jesus Christ as we are His children. (John 1:12) God’s children are in the world for a purpose, to bring glory to God.
2) Authenticity: Moses remembered about God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, His Promises, Covenant, and other details learnt as a kid from his parents. Yet, his knowledge was insufficient. Hence, he told the Lord that the children of Israel will ask: What is God’s name? (Exodus 3:13-14) God revealed Moses that He is the self-existing God: “I AM WHO I AM.” Also God who remembers His covenant, promises and almighty who will deliver the children of Israel.
3) Credibility: Moses wondered how he could establish his credentials as their leader. Moses remembered he was vagabond who will get killed in Egypt, but Lord reminded of the present reality that He is sending him. In addition, God gave miracles that will be signed for the Elders of Israel to believe him. (Exodus 4: 1-9) When God calls us, he attests us with His grace.
4) Communication: Moses said: “I am not eloquent.” (Exodus 4:10) Moses was not sure about his arbitration skills or negotiating ability to release the slaves. However, bible asserts that he was mighty in words and deed. (Acts 7:22) Yet, he felt inadequate for the mammoth task.
5) Someone else please: Moses ran out of arguments. He simply meant: “I may have identity, credibility, knowledge and ability, but I am not available.” (Exodus 4:13) Lord answered that He will provide team members.
Am I giving excuses or willingly obey His voice?