Focus on seeking!

A man as he walked on a street found a golden ring. He was super excited. Then he thought there would be many such rings on the roadside, in the dust and dirt. He used to bend and walk looking for such elusive gold rings. His posture was always bent and he was not able to stand straight at all. Sadly, he wasted his whole life seeking another gold ring which he never found.
Right focus: The focus of life could not be gold rings, a lottery win hitting the jackpot, or digging pots of treasure. God expects people to seek Him. (Isaiah 55:6-7) God has created every human being, sent to this world in a particular historical and geographical context with a definite purpose. The creator joyfully reveals His purpose in life.
Sense of urgency: Seeking God is not a leisure activity. It is an urgent, important, significant, and critical task for all humans. It cannot be delayed, postponed or dismissed.
Seek righteousness: Seeking God is evidenced in seeking righteousness. An unrighteous man should forsake his evil, criminal, selfish, and sinful thoughts. (Zephaniah 2:3-4) God is righteous and expects all humans to do what is right. When Cornelius did righteous deeds, without knowing God, an angel visited him to help him hear the gospel through Peter. (Acts 10)
Seek with repentance: Those who seek, should repent and forsake the wicked way. It is not just trying to escape the consequences of sin, but determination to lead a holy and righteous life.
Seek with Humility: Those who seek the Lord should return to the Lord in humility like the Prodigal Son. He was glad and willing to return, even if he was accepted as a slave or servant. (Luke 15:19)
Abundant pardon: Those who seek the Lord will receive abundant pardon and, of course, abundant life. (Isaiah 55:7) The wholesome restoration is Forgiveness from the penalty of sin; power to overcome sin, temptations, world, and Satan; and eternally living in the Holy presence of God with Him in Heaven.
Do I seek the Lord diligently?