Futile vanity and identity

Over 1,000 people, who identified themselves as dogs, wanted to be recognized as canines and communicated solely through howling and barking gathered in Berlin Potsdamer Railroad station. The footage became viral. This happened because Toco, Japan made a hyper realistic suit ($14000) and identified himself as a dog and wanted to be connected with other ‘therians,’ who identify as other creatures. Psychologists state that there are a few who genuinely believe they possess the soul of a different species within their human bodies. (Money Control News 21 September 2023)

Nebuchadnezzar punished: God punished Nebuchadnezzar for exalting himself, with no regard for God whom he knew through Daniel, and lack of gratitude. (Daniel 4:31-32) For seven years he was like an animal living in the field, eating grass. It was not his choice, but God’s judgment.

Creation: God created animals by His Word. (Genesis 1:24) All subhuman living beings like animals, birds, fish, and reptiles came into existence by God’s command.

Image of God: Adam was created in the image of God, and so was Eve. (Genesis 1:26-27) Humans are not just God’s creation, but special and unique. First, they are spiritual beings, who could connect, communicate, and have fellowship with God. Second, they are rational beings, able to think, reason, and remember. Third, they are moral beings, as they were created innocent and righteous. They should aspire to be holy as God is Holy. Four, humans are social beings, who could have a loving fellowship with one another. Five, humans are Volitional beings, they can have preferences and make choices. In contrast, animals are beings of instinct. When they exchange truth for a lie, this degradation happens.

Crown of creation: Human beings are the crown of the whole creation. (Psalms 8:5) When a person rejects this human endowment given by God, and chooses to be an animal, it is spiritual and moral degradation. For some, it could be a funny thing, but it is a foolish thing.

Human dignity: God bestowed human dignity and rights are wantonly rejected by such foolish people. This is an abominable rebellion against God.

As a human, am I grateful to God?