Godly influencers

About 40 percent of the population of the world uses Social Media platforms. In this new information age, influencers have emerged. Sadly, many are bad models, promoting falsehood and misleading people.
Social Media influencer: An influencer is a popular Social Media personnel, who can persuade and influence the decisions of followers or fans. They are content creators, who consistently offer high-quality content that educates, entertains, encourages, and engages their fans.
Godly influencer: The disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ are called, appointed, and sent into the world by God. Godly influencers do not only affect the present context but transcends to eternity.
Light: Lord Jesus taught the disciples, that they are the light of the world and salt of the earth. (Matthew 5:13-16) A Christian disciple’s influence shines like a city set on a hill. So bright, so obvious, so visible from off that all could see. A lamp is placed at a strategic location at home, uncovered or unhindered so that there is light in the whole house. Hence, God’s people are an irresistible influence inside the home and outside the home for the whole community or society. Compared to the influence of a believer, a social media influencer is a pale shadow.
Salt: Though minuscule in its presence in the food, it adds to taste. Salt is also used to preserve food. Godly influencers do two things like salt. The presence of the disciples adds taste and flavor to the lives of the people around them. They teach and demonstrate meaning and purpose for life. They also celebrate life as God’s gift. Believers are the custodians of morality in a culture. Without their presence culture and nations will plunge into chaos and disaster.
Witness: The Risen Saviour commanded His disciples to be witnessed in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the uttermost part of the world. (Acts 1:8) It is a privilege, honor, and responsibility given to all disciples to be His witnesses. Believers are not self-witnesses, they are witnesses of God, His love, Grace, righteousness, wisdom, power, Truth, glory, redemption, holiness, and are ushers of His Kingdom.
Am I a Godly influencer?