Gospel to detractors

The Pharisees were against Lord Jesus Christ, his teaching, and his ministry. Lord rebuked them and exposed their hypocrisy. Yet, when one of the Pharisees invited him to a feast, he attended. (Luke 7:36-50) God did not reject sinners, even when they are hostile toward him.
Accept invitation: Lord Jesus Christ accepts an invitation from his critics. The righteous are bold like a lion. (Proverbs 28:1) Lord Jesus knew that it would be a hostile crowd. There will be antagonistic questions. Lord graciously accepted the invitation. Gospel has to reach those who are hostile, when God provides open doors, they should be utilized.
Did not retreat: Lord Jesus Christ was present there at the right time. However, the courtesy to be extended was missing. First, the host was not present to embrace and kiss Lord Jesus Christ. Second, A servant did not bring water to wash his feet. Third, the host did not pour perfume or oil and anoint his head. Egoistic guests would have been upset and considered dishonoured, like being an uninvited guest. Lord Jesus was not at all upset.
Concern: Lord Jesus’ concern was about Simon and his friends (mostly fellow Pharisees) that their eyes should be opened to see the truth.
Taught: Lord was not muffled that he did not speak. He took the opportunity of the silence of the gathering. The people were puzzled seeing a sinful woman washing Lord’s feet with tears, wiping with her hair, and anointing with perfume.
Question: Two debtors, one owed two months’ wages while the other twenty months’ wages. Both are forgiven. Who will love the benefactor most? Simon was right to state who was forgiven the most.
Forgiven: Lord made the woman and her deed as a teaching model and told Simon and others, those who realize the magnitude of their sinfulness would appreciate the grace of forgiveness.
Faith: Lord demonstrated his deity by telling to the woman: “Your sins are forgiven; Your faith has saved you, go in peace.”
Do I have an attitude like Lord Jesus to reach out even to detractors?