Knowledge increases

In the last days Prophet Daniel stated that knowledge will increase and people will run here and there. (Daniel 12:4) The technological advancement of microchips, digitalization of information and the Internet have helped humanity to make huge strides in producing knowledge. People began to travel extensively around the world seeking knowledge to have a more comfortable and prosperous life in the world. Due to the pandemic, the digital search has multiplied. People run from one website to another, one app to another, one channel to another, one platform to another…
1) Trivia: The process of producing knowledge with easy tools has created a huge avalanche of trivia that obscures the important aspects of life.
2) Sensual: The digital world has produced huge amount of sensual information, knowledge and dangerous websites that promotes immorality, pornography and abusive sex with children. Sadly, many have become addicts.
3) Worldly: There is a great ocean of knowledge on how to prosper, progress and enjoy the worldly riches and resources.
4) Entertainment: This has occupied a huge space in the digital world. All kinds, varieties catering to different age groups, culture, and language have enticed most Internet users. Each minute they could spare is used in this entertainment.
5) Religious: There are only two kinds of religion. The one that is truth, which is preached to the gospel of Lord Jesus Christ. The others are religions that are seekers of truth and wisdom. There are others that are cults that enslave humanity.
6) General information: A huge amount of information is at our fingertips. Whether it is about politics, society, culture, language, nations, travel, leisure, cooking, beauty tips, fitness, health, education, management, relationships, books, movies, climate, history, personalities, celebrities…etc., are all available.
7) Spiritual: This corona pandemic that has affected the whole world has driven the global church into exploring digital technology, of which, there was reluctance and scepticism. Many local churches around the world have started using digital media to evangelise, equip and extend their mission and ministry. This could accelerate the completion of The Great Commission.
Am I seeking truth that sets me free? (John 8:32)