Let us make a name!

Let us make a name for ourselves! This is a desire that drives people to do something. Guinness World Records has many achievements. Some of them are funny and even purposeless. Others are serious. The Bible records about people after Noah’s blood who wanted to create a name for themselves. (Genesis 11:1-9)
Religious feat: They wanted to build a city, with towers reaching the heavens. In that, they wanted to be in touch with ‘gods’ whom they believed lived in the space above the clouds.
Architectural achievement: The skyscraper was indeed the first in human history. Without modern technology, equipment, precision instruments, skills, and gadgets, they could dream, plan, and execute such a tower.
Political achievement: By building such a city and tower, they would become politically powerful and even dominant.
Security fortified: With water-proof technology, they could protect from floods if they happen again.
Unity statement: They also wanted to prove that they could be united as they spoke one language and their system of communication was efficient.
Blunders: First, they wanted to live for themselves, and make a name for themselves, not in the image of God. God, His purpose, and His will were irrelevant. Second, they did not want to obey God’s command to fill the earth. (Genesis 3:28) Instead of being scattered, they wished to be together. Third, the talents, gifts, and skills were extensively used to build a monument for themselves. They did not want to use it for the glory of God. Fourth, they did not trust God’s promise of the rainbow that he would not destroy the whole earth again with a flood.
Punishment: God was neither amused or pleased with this human rebellion. Their pride must be restrained. They will build an empire contrary to the purpose of God. In His mercy, Lord instead of annihilating them, confused their language. Based on each group speaking the same language they migrated in different directions.
Great name: God called Abraham, probably living in the vicinity of the Tower of Babel, and promised to make his name great and blessed him. (Genesis 12:1-2)
Am I a self-seeking or God-honoring believer?