Macedonian Call and Missio Dei

Oswald Smith wanted to go as a missionary from Canada but was not recruited due to fragile health. That made Oswald to passionately seek some people to go as missionaries in his place. He became one of the great mission mobilizers in history. The People’s Church that he planted in Toronto sent or supported 350 plus missionaries in over 40 countries. Through his sermons thousands went as missionaries around the world. It is God’s Mission; he directs and moves people.
1) Missio Dei: The Latin phrase Mission Dei literally means: Mission of God. The mission is generally considered an activity of the Church. However, Mission is an attribute of God, who reaches out to humanity, right after the Fall of humanity in the Garden of Eden. God’s Mission is seeking the lost through His Son, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, executed through the Church, so that they can know the truth and receive salvation. God does not wish anyone to perish. (II Peter 3:9)
2) Son of God: Lord Jesus Christ as Head of the Church, directs the global universal missions. (Colossians 1:18) The Church is the mystical Body of Christ. (I Corinthians 12)
3) Holy Spirit: The Holy Spirit glorifies Lord Jesus Christ. (John 16:14,15) The Holy Spirit provides direction for mission to the local churches. The Holy Spirit separated Paul and Barnabas for the missions when the leaders of Antioch Church fasted and prayed. (Acts 13:2) The Holy Spirit restrained Paul and Silas to minister in Asia. (Acts 16:6,7)
4) Vision: As Paul and Silas were waiting for the direction of the mission, Paul saw a vision in which a person was pleading: “Come over to Macedonia and help us.” (Acts 16:9) Immediately Paul and Silas, along with Luke, planned to travel to Macedonian region.
5) Plead for help: Like the man from Macedonia, there are people pleading for help. Today, this kind of pleadings could be through missionary or news reports, direct requests, and even social media.
Do I follow the lead of Missio Dei?