Make or watch or wonder when things happen

Peter and John went to the Temple. (Acts 3) They saw a crippled man, told him that they had no gold or silver. However, they healed the man in the Name of Lord Jesus Christ. Mary Kay Ash said: Some people like disciples, make things happen; others watch what has happened and some wonder what has happened.
1) Unbelief: The Syrian army besieged the city of Samaria. (II Kings 7) The whole city was impoverished to such a level that even they were ready to cook and eat their own children. The king came to ask for a solution from Elisha the prophet. Elisha said to the king that the Lord will deliver Samaria and the prices of all commodities will come down. But one officer who was with the king did not believe in it and mocked Elisha. Elisha replied, “You will see with your own eyes but you will not eat any of it.” (II Kings 7:2) It so happened he could not taste the deliverance of God, he died a miserable death as people walked over him when the gates of Samaria was opened (II kings 7: 20). The man did not die for lack of food but for lack of faith.
2) Indifference: When Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, the wise men came seeking the King and the Saviour to the city of Jerusalem. These men crossed deserts, rivers, jungles, daring wild beasts, dacoits, heat and sun and all kinds of inconveniences in travel. Herod summoned the scribes to find out where Jesus would be born. In a matter of a few minutes/hours these scribes gave the answer that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem. However, they were indifferent to the great event of incarnation that happened in their times. They failed to travel 5 miles (8 Kilometres) to see the Saviour. The scribes lived and died in indifference.
3) Faith: Some people look at these events and they believe in God, accepted the message of disciples and were baptised.
Do I belong to the category who make things happen?