Measuring time or Managing time?

There are sundials in Konak, Odia which are over 700 years old. It is amazing to know that the sundial could precisely measure the time. As science and technology progressed, there were clock towers, wall clocks, wrist watches and smartphones to help us to measure time. Yes, the technology of measuring time is quite easy compared to the skills of managing time. The unfailing resource from the Lord each day for every human is an amazing gift. There are some who optimally and wisely use the time, while others foolishly waste the precious resources.
1) Consistent bounty: David declares praising the Lord: “You crown the year with bounty.” (Psalms 65:11) All humans in all cultures and nations are crowned with God’s numerous blessings, especially this marvellous bounty of time. Other blessings could vary from individual to individual, but time does not.
2) Wisdom: Lord not only gives bounty of time, he also adds wisdom to use our time optimally, strategically, and optimistically. (Psalms 90: 12) Management of time needs a set of skills. These skills can be obtained by observation, learning and training. Practicing these skills needs diligence and discipline. Sadly, many people do not seek or develop such skills, hence wasting a lot of time.
3) Priority: Right use of time is based on right priorities. Lord Jesus taught his disciples to have the Kingdom of God and righteousness of God as their priorities. In fact, without Kingdom vision, people will have wrong priorities.
4) Opportunity: Paul exhorts us to make best use of time or use all opportunities that God gives us or enter doors that God opens for us. Missing opportunities could not be retrieved. Someone said: Opportunities are like birds with wings, they fly off fast.
5) Eternal perspective: Paisa wise, Rupee foolish. Some people manage to use all their time, but they miss the big picture of Eternity. Hence, minute by minute they seem to be wise, but taken as a whole life, they are foolish.
Do I know the measure and manage time?