Moses faced rebellion

Rebellion is in the DNA of all humans. Children rebel against parents, students against teachers, citizens against authorities, poor against the rich, labourers against their supervisors. Even people of God rebelled against God and His chosen leader Moses. In all, God defended Moses by doing signs and wonders in the three kinds of rebellions.

1) Lay people: Though people have experienced God’s mighty sign and wonders, they continue to waver in their faith. They could neither trust God nor his servant Moses. They were not satisfied with manna, demanded meat and had nostalgia about their food in Egypt. (Exodus 16:3) When there was no water they rebelled against Moses and Aaron. (Numbers 20:2-10) In fact, God delivered them from the slavery in Egypt, in which they did not contribute or fight war or lose men in war. Yet, they were ungrateful.

2) Levites’ rebellion: Their rebellion was lack of gratitude. Korah and his associates, about 250 of them, were not satisfied with God’s gift and privilege, to serve Him in the tabernacle. The Levites were separated from others in the congregation to serve Him. Yet, they aspired for more, wanted to be priests like Aaron. (Numbers 16:9-10) God had to punish them and demonstrated that one God chooses will become a priest.

3) Leaders’ rebellion: This is basically, lack of contentment in Aaron and Miriam, triggered by envy. They were elder siblings of Moses. They did not like the pre-eminence given to Moses. Their envy was twisted into two accusations. First, Moses had married a Cushite woman, hence disqualified to be a leader. Second, God has not only spoken with Moses, He has spoken with them also. (Numbers 12:1,2) Hence, they should be treated at par with Moses. God punished Miriam with leprosy and later she was healed by the intercession of Moses. God chooses and appoints his leaders; others should discern God’s call in each person’s life.

When God calls a person, he instals and protects him/her from all human machinations and attacks.

Do I discern God’s call in the lives of people to be leaders?