Nation forgets! God does not!!

Egypt was a Super Power in ancient times. Their civilization was well developed. God blessed that nation that it had a bountiful of harvest. They had enough resources, technology and time to build huge pyramids and other projects. However, they had numerous slaves to perform those tasks. Yet, the nation that was looked upon by other nations with awe, was about to face a food shortage crisis. God was gracious to warn the Pharaoh of that time through a dream. There would be seven years of bountiful harvest, followed by seven years of drought and famine. The dream was interpreted by Joseph, a victim of human trafficking and who was illegally held in a prison. (Genesis 37, 38-47
Joseph was a self-made brilliant economist. He learnt general management by experience in Potiphar’s house and through conversations with Pharaoh’s palace prisoners when he was in prison. When God brought him to limelight through the interpretation of the dream of Pharaoh, he discerned God’s grace and spirit in Joseph. He was appointed as Chief Executive Officer to take care of surplus and scarcity of grains.
Joseph’s contribution to Egypt was enormous that it did not disappear or ruin as a nation due to famine, starvation and deaths. Yet, Egypt slowly forgot about Joseph or his vital contribution. Then there arose a generation that did not know Joseph at all. (Exodus 1:8) The new Pharaoh decided to reduce the refugees to slaves and also planned selective genocide.
Egypt as a Nation forgot the contribution of Joseph and the relationship with the Hebrews. However, God did not forget His Promise or Covenant or His Servants: Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. He listened to their groaning and raised up Moses as the leader who will lead the slaves into freedom and making them a Nation.
God’s punishment for such type of forgetfulness could be severe. Egypt’s economy was ruined by Ten Plagues and 600 horse chariots led by Pharoah drowned in the Red Sea. Egypt could never become a Superpower again.
Do I celebrate our Lord who remembers us?