One out of ten

Ten lepers lived outside regular inhabitation in between Samaria and Galilee. As Lord passed through that area, the lepers, standing far off as required by Law, pleaded for mercy. The Lord commanded them to go and show themselves to the priest. They needed faith to do that. Yes, they were healed and fulfilled the purification ceremony. However, one healed leper came back to thank God and he was a Samaritan. (Luke 17:12-19)

1) Family First: For the nine, their family and friends were the priority. This exciting news was first to be announced to loved ones. If they indeed wanted to be grateful, they would have come to the Lord with their family members.
2) Fear: They might have thought, coming back to Lord Jesus means to be made as His apostles or disciples. Following the Lord Jesus needed commitment. They chose to make quick gains of what they had lost as lepers.
3) Fatalistic Mindset: Lord Jesus had His resources of power, authority, and healing; He gave healing. It was the Lord’s duty or dharma. The nine lepers thought that it was their karma to receive healing. This was just another cosmic transaction. Hence, there was no need to be grateful or express it to Lord Jesus Christ.
4) Formal religion: As they had completed the requirement of Law, they reasoned that there was no need to express to the Lord of life. Instead of knowing God behind the requirement of Law, they were content to just perform rituals.
5) Faith of a Foreigner: The one who came to thank me was a foreigner, a Samaritan. The Samaritans were ridiculed as unspiritual, irreligious, and outlawed from religious gatherings. The Samaritans was not asked to join as a disciple but sent out into the world. The nine chose their own life, while the one was ‘sent’ into the world. One had a sense of purpose and mission while the others did not.
Our daily life will be meaningful if we are grateful and in the mindset of being sent by God into the world.
Am I like the One out of Ten?