Owner’s pride and neighbour’s envy!

A new smartphone comes to the market and so does the advertisements about the same, and social media hubris. The cost is a six-digit figure, one year income of a poor person’s household. The salient features are hyped. Then the catchy slogan is there: Owner’s Pride and Neighbour’s envy. The Bible teaches: Love your neighbour as yourself. Market and social media teach: Make your neighbour envious of your pride possessions. A disciple will not choose the trends of the world, but a Scriptural mandate. Consumerism could be defined as buying things we do not need; with money we do not have (read credit card). But contentment with Godliness or spirituality is a great gain. (I Timothy 6:6)
1) Escape covetousness: Contentment saves us from violating the Tenth Commandment. Coveting what does not rightly belong to us is a dangerous bottomless pit. Coveting people have degraded themselves to steal, rob, deceive, break-in and even kill. It is an insatiable beast.
2) Escape bone disease: Contentment insulates us from envy which is dangerous for our health, perhaps, rottenness to bones. (Proverbs 14:30) Envying other people’s possessions, is taking slow poison, then it leads to taking possession of things that are not ours by unethical means and methods.
3) Escape worries: Contentment frees us from worry and anxiety as our faith is in our God who provides our needs. (Matthew 6:33) Unwarranted worries can destroy our faith. Trusting God who is Lord of the earth and its fullness for our needs is our great privilege and true blessing in this world.
4) Escape ungratefulness: Contentment gives us a grateful heart that we are thankful to our Lord always. (I Thessalonians 5:18) Market promotes consumerism, while the Bible teaches contentment. Human nature is ungratefulness and desire more and more. Learning to be grateful is a life-long discipline that needs everyday practice.
Spirituality with contentment is the right antidote for mindless consumerism, heartless competition, and restless soul. By demonstrating contentment, we love our neighbours and do not provoke them to be envious.
Do I have contentment with godliness?