Practicing Love

Paul does not give a theory or a philosophy, but a principle to live by. (I Corinthians 13)

1) Love Does Not Envy: Envy rots the bones. (Proverbs 14:30) It is a Christian attitude to rejoice with those rejoicing. (Romans 12:15) Envious people think as if they are deprived though they deserve better, when others are blessed.
2) Love Does Not Boast: There are many people who exaggerate or brag or imagine themselves to be great and involved in self-exaltation. For example, there are groups of people who claim to be descendants of some great historical personality or even gods.
3) Love Is Not Proud: This kind of love does not have an inflated ego of self-importance. Superiority complex, arrogant behaviour and haughty attitude are traits of those who take pleasure in humiliating others.
4) Love Is Not Rude: People with this kind of love are sensitive to the feelings, concerns, and desires of others. They do not bulldoze others with ruthlessness. Paul warns in the last days, people will be abusive, manipulative and brute. (II Timothy 3:1-5) Some sadists take pleasure in humiliating, dishonouring and disgracing others.
5) Love Is Not Self-Seeking: Self-seeking is the opposite of sacrifice. People with true love are willing to sacrifice for the success of others. Believers sacrifice for the sake of the Kingdom of God.
6) Love Is Not Easily Angered: These people do not have short tempers, getting angry and annoyed even for minor things. When others fail to measure up or do wrong, they are patient. Their concern is the well-being of other people, not their ego.
7) Love Keeps No Record of Wrongs: People with this kind of love, forgive and forget many times. They get into the habit of forgiving. They trash all records and always open with a new screen or slate. They are willing to forgive several times. (Matthew 18:21-22)
8) Love Does Not Delight in Evil but Rejoices with the Truth: This kind of love does not approve evil, does not indirectly support an evil cause. It rejoices with the Truth.
Do I practise Agape love?