Pride Vs forgiveness

A 55-year-old poor oppressed man objected to a rich man allowing his dog to defecate in front of his home repeatedly. The angry rich man filed a false case that he was a serial sex offender of minors, making his own daughters as witnesses. The poor man was in jail since May 2015 to August 2021. Court observed: “parents of the victim girls indulged in the sinister act of tutoring their daughters in a most brazen and shameless manner and merely because accusations or charges against the accused are grave, severe or despicable”. When the reporter Anand Mohan interviewed the man: : Taking out a copy of the BIBLE, he says: “I barely understand what is written in this. But I now know God is one. I forgive them for filing the case. I feel no anger anymore. I was framed for being a Dalit and six years of my life were taken from me”. (Indian Express dated 8 September 2021)
1) Pride: This man was angry at his status; pride was challenged by a poor belonging to the lowest strata of society.
2) Attitude: The proud man thought that his dog was more valuable than a human. He expected humans to give way for his pet dog and those who cross paths will be damned.
3) Power: Rich people want to demonstrate their unethical, illegal and ferocious power on hapless victims. They draw sadistic pleasure by doing such things.
4) Lie: Oppressing people deploy lies and false witnesses as strategic weapons. This rich man used his minor daughter to state false witness that they were sexually exploited.
5) Corrupt: Sadly, covetous police officials unashamedly got money to frame a hapless man that put him in jail for six years.
However, the Christian response of the victim is amazing. First, he is magnanimous to forgive following His Master Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus prayed for forgiveness of those who conspired and crucified Him. Second, he was not angry, and knew that God will bring out good from the mess. (Romans 8:28)
How do I respond to injustice?