Prophets or Puppets?

King Ahab who chose Falsehood was aptly misled by prophets who were influenced by lying spirits. (I Kings 22:19-23) Ahab, who reigned for 22 years, continued to provoke the Lord by indulging in false worship like his father Omri. (I Kings 16:33) God gave Ahab the opportunity to know Him and follow him several times: The drought and rains; Fire from heaven. (I Kings 18:18-40) When King Jehoshaphat came to visit Ahab, he persuaded him to join the war against the Syrians to take Ramoth-Gilead back. He was apprehensive and wanted to confirm through prophecy. That was the time God sent lying prophets to lead Ahab to receive the wrath of God. He rejected the truth, believed in falsehood, and will follow the lies of false prophets. The false prophets were like puppets, strings pulled by lying spirits, dancing to the tune of Satan. The qualities of a true prophet are given in the Scripture.
Intimate relationship: True prophets have an intimate relationship with God. Hence, they know the characteristics or attributes of God.
Internalized the Scripture: True prophets of God know the Scripture well. They know the meaning and application of the truth revealed in the Word of God.
Intense intercessors. True prophets are filled with the love of God, the Spirit of God. They value holiness and righteousness. Also, they grieve for sinners, yet plead for God’s mercy. Moses was willing for his name to be removed from the Book of Life if God does not forgive his people. (Exodus 32:32) Paul was willing to be cursed so that the Nation of Israel could be blessed. (Romans 9:3)
Identified by fruits: True prophets bring forth fruits that are abundant, evident of the Spirit of God working in their lives. (Matthew 7:16)
Integrity: Opposite of integrity is hypocrisy. Religious leaders are hypocrites like Pharisees and Sadducees.
Indifferent to wealth: Balaam was a false prophet, as his goal was wealth. Elisha refused wealth, while Gehazi pursued it. (II Kings 5)
Increase His Glory: Like John the Baptist, they want Lord Jesus Christ to increase, themselves to decrease. (John 3:30)
Am I deceived by puppets or discerning true prophets?