Purpose and Promises of God?

During the Covid pandemic many Christians, including pastors and missionaries died. What happened to the Promises of God?
It is important to understand God before we understand the Promises of God.
First, God is Sovereign, and he has absolute authority over all seen and unseen in the universe, space and heavens. He rules all for His glory and purpose.
Second, God is Good all the time. There is no darkness or evil in Him.
Third, God has his own time schedule. For him one day is like one thousand years and vice versa. (II Peter 3:8)
Four, God is love and all his actions are based on His unconditional and transformational love.
1) Long life: Has God promised long-life? Yes. It does not mean a great number of years. Long life means adequate time on this planet earth to accomplish His plan intended for us in this world. Did Lord Jesus Christ have a long-life? Yes, adequate to fulfil his plan of redemption but not according to human standards as 33 is short. Jonathan, son of King Saul died young along with his father. His purpose of life to affirm, encourage and make way for David as next king was accomplished.
2) Protection: Promise of protection is always there. (Psalms 91). Many times, Lord Jesus was about to be stoned, but it did not happen. Paul almost died few times, because of persecution, but did not die until the time was up for him to go. God is with us even when we walk through the valley of death, just to take us to eternal home or send us back for some more time on this earth. (Psalms 23:4) Job and Joseph went through agony and pain, but Lord was with them.
3) Purpose of God: Promise is always linked with the purpose of God. Without purpose of God promises are not valid. God’s promise of healing and protection is linked with God’s purpose or calling for an individual in this world.
Do I realize God’s Promises are connected to His Purpose and glory?