Rejoice in the Lord 

In the world of struggles, troubles, failures, and surprises; it is difficult to be in joyful status. However, Paul writes to Philippians from his prison cell in Rome, to Rejoice in the Lord, always. (Philippians 4:4) Indeed the whole chapter provides the key for rejoicing in the Lord always. (Philippians 4) This joy is not dependent on circumstances or happenings, but in relationship with the Lord. In the Lord are seven aspects of life that bring joy in a believer’s life.
1) Unity: Paul appeals to Euodia and Syntyche to reconcile and be in unity. Yes, unity and peace bring joy. This unity is not artificial, but implied and experienced. As all believers are cleansed by the blood of Jesus and belong to family, unity always exists.
2) Reasonableness: Disciples of the Lord, have a paradigm that has eternal perspective. Their attitude and lifestyle are dictated by their eager hope of His coming. That hope produces great joy.
3) No Anxiety: People who fear and worry cannot be joyful. Paul exhorts believers to convert their worries, anxieties, fears, lacks, and mental tension to prayers. Confidence that God answers prayers brings great joy.
4) Peace: When believers pray in faith, confidence holding on to Promises: Peace that surpasses all understanding will guard hearts and minds. Of course, peace of mind brings great joy.
5) Thoughts: When a mind is occupied with negative, petty, mundane, profane, hateful, bitter, foolish thoughts, a person cannot be joyful. Christian thoughts are truth, honourable, just, lovely, pure, commendable, excellent, and worthy of praise. These thoughts uplift any person to lofty heights of joy.
6) Contentment: Paul writes about his self-discipline and spiritual fear of being content in all circumstances: plenty or hunger, abundance or need, lowly status or high. This status of contentment with godliness is indeed a great gain, providing abundant joy. (I Timothy 6:6)
7) Provision: Paul was confident that God would provide all his needs. That is according to Lord Jesus riches and glory, well beyond human standards.
Do I rejoice in the Lord always?