Spiritual attitude of Gratitude

One Christian leader lost his wallet to a pickpocket during a train journey. He prayed with gratitude. “God, I thank you, first because it was just my wallet and not my life; second, it was a small amount, not a huge amount and, third, it is I am the victim, he a criminal and not vice versa. The Bible teaches us to ‘Give thanks in all situations.’ (I Thessalonians 5:18) There are always things that we ought to be grateful for.

1) Cultivated discipline: ‘Gratitude is an attitude’. Being thankful is not only a courtesy or politeness in relationships, but it should also be a right attitude. It does not happen automatically; it has to be carefully cultivated.

2) Humility: People may be grateful, but not humble enough to express their gratefulness. A husband presumes he need not be grateful to his wife for her immense support including cooking. If he considers that as her ‘duty’ or ‘responsibility’; then he may not express ‘gratefulness’.

3) Loving and Honouring others: Gratefulness is also one notch higher. It values another person more than what the person does or contributes for us. “Outdo one another in showing honour.” (Romans 12:10)

4) Gratefulness: In the Last Days, people will be ungrateful. (II Timothy 3:2) David was grateful for the encouragement, affirmation and love Jonathan showed him. Since Jonathan was dead in the war, David made sure to show his gratitude to his son Mephibosheth. (II Samuel 9)

5) Forget not: David speaks to his inner person: “Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits, (Psalms 103:2) Human nature and tendency is to forget good things and to remember bad or evil things. David trains himself to remember all the benefits and to be grateful.

6) Do good and forget: Lord challenged his disciples to love enemies, do good for them and expect nothing in return. (Luke 6: 35) We demonstrate our thankfulness to God, when we do good without expectation of gratitude or return for help.

7) Worship: Gratefulness is the foundation for our worship.

Is Thankfulness my lifestyle?