Sustaining hope

A chronically sick person expects the day could be healthy. A student facing exams hopes to succeed. A salesperson hopes to achieve the target that day. Most humans wish to wake up with hope. Few believe in good luck, some in their own sincerity or hard work, some it is just wishful thinking. The situation may not be favorable, yet they try to hang on to hope against hope. Sadly, most end up in failure and despair.
The sin of the Nation: Righteousness exalts a nation. (Proverbs 14:34) When a nation rejects what is true, righteous, and just, will be judged. More so the chosen nation of Israel, who had the privilege of covenant, promises, and Law. When they rejected God who revealed Himself, they invited his wrath. All people from kings to princes to priests and common citizens were not faithful.
Babylonian invasion: Babylon was a ruthless, evil, and wicked nation. Yet, God in His sovereign power and authority used this wicked nation to punish and teach bitter lessons to His chosen people. They invaded and destroyed Jerusalem in the year 586 BC.
Ruined Jerusalem: The glorious city chosen by God was turned into a ruined city. Walls were pulled down, people taken as captives, children begging for bread, bread, and water to be acquired risking lives, a heavy burden that was unable to bear, no music, no celebrations, no feasts, indeed a deserted city. (Lamentations 1-5)
Lamentation: For about four decades, Jeremiah had warned the Nation, and called them to repent. He was rejected, rebuked, rebuffed, reprimanded, and ridiculed. Jeremiah laments for the city in his five poems. All poems have 22 stanzas, except for the last which are arranged according to the Hebrew alphabet. He was not a pessimist when he lamented but was a realist. He recorded his anguish about the spiritual lethargy of people and the consequences in all realms of life.
Trust and hope: Amid hopelessness, he sings, God’s steadfast love never fails. His grace is fresh and new each morning. Great is His faithfulness. (Lamentations 3:22-23)
Is my hope anchored on the attributes of God?