A Balloon Bursts

A boy wanted to make his balloon baboon as big as possible. He used a hand air pump to inflate it. He went off inflating it. Though warned not to blow more air, he continued. The balloon burst and he got knocked to the ground, hurt. Many people have inflated egos, it bursts when more air is pumped. Pride is a great tool of Satan to inflate the egos of people, which leads them to a fall. (Proverbs 16:18-19) God gives grace to the humble. (James 4:6)
Pride of race: Some people have a superiority complex about their race or ethnicity or caste or tribe. It is alright to be glad and content about one’s privilege of birth is not wrong. However, when they look down upon others as inferior or uncivilized, then the sin of pride and haughtiness takes over.
Pride of culture: Many think their culture is divine, infallible, and supreme. The values of the culture, though wrong are defended and upheld. Even the social evils, superstitions, myths, and legends are glorified. Sadly, even Christians exalt cultural values over Scriptural values.
Pride of face: Beauty is perceived differently in various cultures. Sadly, fair skin is considered superior to dark, brown, or yellow skin. Even those who consider themselves as beautiful, ridicule others as if they are less than human.
Pride of place: Being a citizen of a certain country could be advantageous. Being proud of a place of birth, place of study (Ivy League institutions), or place of work (Global corporates), should not demean others. Some cities are considered holy cities, and people who live there have pride.
Pride of Grace: The most dangerous pride is about spiritual blessings. Those who are born again, mistreat and illtreat others as lesser mortals. Labelling them as children of the devil is haughtiness, that will never be approved by God. Some boast about their spiritual gifts and ministry accomplishments, however, Paul boasts only about the cross. (Galatians 6:14) Being proud of the denomination, stating theirs as the only New Testament church is again sin.
Do I lead a humble lifestyle?