A Killer with a Seared Conscience

A 23-year-old woman Jung Yoo-jung in South Korea kills a girl, dismembers her, and confesses to police that she did it out of curiosity. She was obsessed with watching crime thrillers and reading detective novels, and her mind was saturated with criminal thoughts. She conspired to kill a girl ‘out of curiosity,’ or to experience what it feels like to murder someone. (NDTV 5 June 2023) Paul warned that in the Last Days, people will fall prey to deceitful spirits, teaching of demons, insincere liars, and have their conscience seared. (I Timothy 4:1-2)
Deceitful spirits: As the Serpent deceived Adam and Eve, Satan continuously seduces, deludes, and deceives people. This woman was deceived by the thrill of watching crime stories. She was enticed into watching and reading more, but that did not satisfy her curiosity, instead increasing it.
The teaching of demons: There is no sin, no truth, no good, no evil…all is to enjoy. Hence, they lose the capacity to determine or discern what is right. Satan comes to steal, kill, and destroy. (John 10:10) Inspired by Satan, she decided to kill for fun or curiosity.
Insincere liars: They pretend to do good, act good, and speak good, but their intent is evil. Jung Yoo-jung presented herself as a good, helpful person, but the intention was to earn the trust and later kill the victim.
Conscience seared: Whatever seared is burnt, never again will it be the same as it was before. It is a fatal numbness or insensitivity to God and others. When a person consistently resists the Spirit of God, ignores the Word of God, and neglects the fellowship of godly people will end up having a seared conscience. In contrast, a good conscience is purity, sincerity, and faith. (I Timothy 1:19)
A crime-soaked mind: The woman’s mind was soaked with crime, the sadistic thrill of seeing the victims suffer, insensitivity to other’s feelings, and an insatiable pleasure in doing evil. Only the mind that is soaked in truth and saturated in the Word of God can be renewed. (Romans 12:2)
Do I hold on to good conscience?