A man with a different spirit

Believers are set apart from the world. Yes, they have a different spirit as Caleb had. The Bible states that Caleb wholeheartedly followed the Lord which is repeated five times. (Numbers 32:12, Deuteronomy 1:36, Joshua 14:8-9, 14). Caleb had a different spirit which could mean a different attitude, aspiration, worldview. (Number 14:24,30)
1) Faith based vision: Caleb spent his forty years in Egypt as a slave. He as able-bodied man, could have endured hard slavery, heavy workload. However, he saw the miracles God performed for His people. His faith in God gave him a new vision for the future.
2) Embracing Promises: Caleb could trust God to fulfil His promises as he realized God’s love and faithfulness in delivering the children of slavery from Egypt. Caleb believed God was faithful and gracious to provide the Promised Land. God’s promises are not based on human ability, but God’s generosity.
3) Conquering spirit: As a spy, he had a conquering spirit. By advocating to go and possess the Promised Land, Caleb was willing to take risks, unafraid of obstacles and no fear of death.
4) Possibility attitude: Caleb expressed that Israel could possess the Land. Ten spies saw with pessimistic attitude and defeatist mindset; while Caleb with optimistic, possibility and victorious attitude.
5) Perseverance: Caleb persevered in the wilderness for forty years. He saw his ten colleagues who went to survey the land die. Even his relatives would have died for their lack of faith and rebellion. Yet, Caleb persevered in faith.
6) Stand for truth: Along with Joshua, Caleb stood for truth. He did not produce fake reports or falsify the interpretation of their collective observations made during their exploration.
7) Not afraid of death: The children of Israel wanted to stone Caleb and Joshua, but both did not alter their report. (Number 14:10) Two spies, probably with Moses and a few leaders stood firm against most of the whole congregation instigated by ten spies.
Do I have a different spirit like that of Caleb?