A remarkable spiritual journey

Ram Gidamool in his book, My Silk Road writes about his spiritual journey. He was born in Kenya to parents of Indian origin. His family brought him up in Hindu traditions, had exposure to Sikhism, and grew up among the Muslims in the school. For him Christianity was a white man’s religion, he had nothing to do with that. Due to the political situation in Kenya he as a teenager, had to move to London as a refugee. He interprets his spiritual journey:
Intercession: Ram’s father was a businessman and had business associates in Switzerland. One of the business partners, Margarita Ucker, was praying for Ram’s family that they may come to know the Lord Jesus Christ. After becoming a follower of Lord Jesus Christ, long after the death of his father, he went to Switzerland. The hosts had a bible and wondered how it was possible. Seeing Ram’s astonishment, she asked: Are you a believer? Then she explained how she had been praying for several years for them to be saved.
Information – Scripture: As a college student, Ram used to feel lonely. He writes: “I discovered that if you sat in a pub with a pint of bitter for long enough, someone would come and talk to you.” A group of musicians saw him, talked to him, and gave him a bible. He took that home and started reading it. Some portions were familiar to him. Then he recollected that in his home in Kenya, there was a booklet presented to his family: Daily Strength published by Scripture Gift Mission.
Instruction: The friend who I met in the pub used to visit Ram regularly, but most of the time, it ended up in an argument.
Insight: When Ram read the letter to Corinthians, it was relevant and insightful. It could have been Paul’s letter to the people of London. He realized though many religions have good teachings, none assured him of forgiveness of sins; hence chose Lord Jesus Christ.
Fervent intercession, bold witness even in a pub (II Timothy 4:2), and regular teaching led him to Christ.
What is my spiritual journey?