A Thief and a Strange Prayer

In the city of Aligarh, a thief enters a temple. He piously worships the idols there. Then he steals the brass bell in the temple and flees. The CCTV recording shows the whole act of theft. (Times of India, 9 June 2023)
Religious or righteous: The thief seems to be a religious person, but not a righteous devotee. He adopted the external form of religiosity such as fear of god, worship, prayer…etc. However, his religiosity did not lead him to righteous acts. His understanding of truth, godliness, and righteousness was blurred or confused.
Prayer for success: According to his worldview, God should grant him success, whatever he does, good or evil. His focus was success, the result. How he obtains success is immaterial. For him, the end justifies the illegitimate means. If the end is good, the method is ratified, if not sanctified.
Prayer for protection: The thief prayed for protection from law enforcement agencies. He did not want to face the dire consequences of his act of theft. The Ten Commandments forbids stealing. (Leviticus 19:11-13)
Prayer for forgiveness: Probably, the thief had a mindset of hyper-grace; he sought forgiveness for the sin he was about to commit. He understood he was guilty and needed forgiveness, however, was not willing to forsake his sinful ways. Without acknowledging his sins, and with intention not to leave sinful ways, asking for forgiveness is hypocrisy.
Prayer of a Penitent Thief: The thief who was hanging on the right hand of Lord Jesus Christ received forgiveness and eternal inhabitants in Heaven. He humbly acknowledged that his punishment was a just reward for his deeds. (Luke 23:41) From the cross, amid pain, he had a spiritual discernment to see Lord Jesus as King of Kings. He pleaded for the Lord to remember, as he could foresee resurrection and the eternal Kingdom of God. (Luke 23:40-43) His prayer of repentance and faith was accepted and was guaranteed a place in Paradise.
Do I have the humility to repent, resolve to forsake sins, and faith to trust in Christ?