Can people of God Perish?

In the conversation with Nicodemus, Lord Jesus taught that those who believe in the Son of God, be saved. Those who reject the Lord Jesus Christ sent by God the Father will perish. (John 3:16) The unrepentant sinners, those with hardened hearts and rebellious spirits, perish. God is patient that sinners should not perish, hence tarries the coming of Lord Jesus Christ. (II Peter 3:9)
Biblical meaning: The wicked shall perish while the saved will never perish. The word perish has synonyms: die, kill, destroy, consumed, slain, eaten up, laid waste, become nothing, vanish, cut off, turn to dust, and utterly wasted. Perish is the opposite of prolonged days, everlasting life, eternal life, renewed life. The Biblical understanding is that the Lord sends curses, confusion, and rebuke in everything a person does until they are destroyed.
Punishment and Judgement: When people of God become rebellious, they are also subject to the wrath of God. There are verses of warning in the Bible that state even believers to perish.
Lack of knowledge: God spoke to Hosea: My people perish because of lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6) The chosen people of Israel rejected God, His Law, and knowledge. They will perish and so will their children, who will be forgotten by God. The knowledge of God gives the vision of God and God’s purpose in life.
Lack of vision: Where there is no vision, people perish. (Proverbs 29:18) The vision is not individual wild imagination or hallucination. The vision of God is revealed in the Scripture. When a person gets a vision of God, shall understand the purpose and meaning of life. Vision from God is in accordance with the Scriptural truth revealed.
Lack of faith: The basic cause for believers to be judged is a lack of faith in God’s Word, His Goodness, and His purpose. Adam and Eve did not consider God as good and trustworthy but trusted the deceptive word of Satan that they would become like gods. (Genesis 3) Even today few believers perish as they reject God and His purpose.
Do I diligently seek the Lord, His Word, and purpose?