Adopting children

There are many young people who like to serve the Lord by caring for the children. One time a young student in a seminary came and asked a professor to help him in his future ministry by finding him sponsors. The professor asked him to explain what he wanted to do.
He said! he wanted to start a children’s home for orphans (at least 25) as he loves children very much. The professor affirmed and complimented him for his vision, mission and sense of purpose. Then he asked him if he really cares for children who are orphans? He said: “Yes” vehemently. “You are thinking of a project. You want to have a good campus with dormitories, chapel, and accommodation for wardens and a home for yourself. This would cost a very huge amount.” He nodded yes. “If you really want to help children, the best thing is to find 25 Christian families, give them a vision to adopt a child each. Then each child will grow in a lovely natural home, instead of an artificial environment of an institution. You can complete this project in one year (two families adopting two children each month). If you do these 20 years you can give home to 500 children easily. That means your vision could multiply 20 times, completing 20 projects” The young man was shocked and stunned. He did not reply. Probably he was angry. The professor explained that Esther was an adopted daughter of Mordecai, who became the queen who preserved the Nation of Israel. (Esther 2:5-7)
There are even Christian couples who do not want to adopt a child. They wait too long to realize that they missed the opportunity and age is not on their side. Like myth and misconception in the culture, they think that only blood relationships could be adopted and do not want to adopt abandoned or orphans or destitute people. In the Pandemic times, there are many children who could be adopted and demonstrate Christian love for children. Taking care of orphans by adopting them is true spirituality. (James 1:27)
Do I practice true spirituality?