Afraid of the Right Mind?

There was a demon possessed man, who endured the agony for a long time. He did not wear clothes, did not live-in at home, but among the tombs. Decay and Death was his choice rather than living and fellowship. With enormous strength, he could break iron chains. Self-destruction by cutting himself and crying was a daily affair. No one could control him. (Luke 8:26-39; Mark 5: 1-20)

This person was miraculously set free from his demonic slavery by the Lord Jesus Christ. As a normal person he was sitting at the feet of the Lord Jesus, clothed with the right mind. This scenario made people afraid. Why?

1) Sitting: The delivered man could sit, instead of being driven in all directions by demons. He was in the right place sitting in God’s presence, listening to His Word and enjoying peace. People were not terrified of a demon-possessed man, but a silent, calm sitting person. This man is unlike Martha, but like Mary who sat at His feet to receive peace and wisdom. (Luke 10:42)

2) Clothed: The man who lacked a sense of shame, was clothed. The Lord clothed him with a robe of righteousness, a garment of salvation as well as with material dress. (Isaiah 61:10) The multitude was not afraid when he was roaming around without clothes, now afraid of a normally dressed man. Now the changed man would not do shameful things but honourable things.

3) Right mind: The mind that was filled with dirty, deadly, decaying, and destructive thoughts was renewed with thoughts of peace, love and joy. He could think clearly and make right choices. He chose to become a disciple of the Lord. The multitude instead had a crooked or twisted mind, that they could not appreciate the healed man or his choice to follow Lord Jesus.

The whole multitude asked Lord Jesus to leave. They prefer a demon-possessed man to be in their midst, instead of having Lord Jesus Christ. What a sad commentary of sinful humanity then and now?

Do I have the right mind or am I afraid of those who have the right mind?