Nazirite vow for believers today

The Nazirite vow is a desire to get closer to God, separate or detach from worldly pleasures, and comforts of this world, that could be performed both by men and women. (Numbers 6) Samson and John the Baptist are great examples from the Bible. Could Christians follow this? Paul also did this vow. (Acts 18:18) Lord Jesus told the Pharisees that they should do what is righteous, justice, mercy but not neglect certain spiritual disciplines: “These you ought to have done, without neglecting the others.” (Matthew 23:23) There are some prominent Nazirites like Samson and John the Baptist. However, Like Rechabites, believers today are called to be permanent Nazirites. (Jeremiah 35:1-7)

1) Call to Holiness: In the spiritual quest, there are people of God, who desire greater holiness to have greater fellowship with God. They opt for the Nazirite view. God calls all of us to holiness. (I Peter 1:15,16)

2) Consecrate for Holiness: Three requirements for those who take the vow which could have spiritual application for all Christians today: First, grow hair, and not allow razor upon their head. Hair could be cut only when the period of vow would be complete. This was for people around to know that this person is consecrated to the Lord. We are called to be witnesses. Second, they cannot take wine or any product of vine. To discipline the body is for all disciples by reducing comfort, partial fasting and adopting a simple lifestyle. Third, Nazirite are forbidden to go near dead bodies to mourn. To mainly focus on living, and not doing dead work.

3) Confirmed to His Holiness: The Nazirite when complete, should visit the Temple at Jerusalem and make three sacrifices. One year old lamb for the Burnt offering, which proclaimed the Sovereignty of God. One ewe lamb for sin, offering to express the imperfection, humility, and desire for reconciliation. One ram for Peace offering, pleading for continuous protection and preservation for pollution and contamination of the world. Apart from that they have to offer: Bread, wafers, grains, and drink offerings.

Am I permanent Nazirite consecrated unto the Lord?