Outsourcing Spirituality?

In the world of business outsourcing is very common. What could be done or traditionally done in home or in an institution or in a factory, is not done, instead receiving services or creating goods from outside. For example, instead of cooking at home, the food is purchased from outside. Sadly, this worldly trend has crept into the church.
1) Outsource mission: There are organisations who take the Great Commission with great passion. (Matthew 28:18-20) However, in their zeal they created a slogan: “Go or send.” The well-meant statement became an excuse, and people began to get an idea that they can pay funds and disengage.
2) Outsource prayer: One person said he does not know how to pray, though he claims to be born again. Instead of teaching people of God to pray, there are some who claim to be experts of prayers. They claim superior power and nearer access to God. Hence, they advertise: “Send prayer requests, we will pray.” Of course, the requests that come with funding gets better attention and attraction.
3) Outsource worship: In the Bible, God calls the whole congregation to make joyful noise unto the Lord. (Psalms 100:1) All are expected to sing: those who know or not know to sing, musically challenged, rhythmically challenged are all encouraged to sing unto the Lord. In many local churches, congregational singing is missing, only special numbers by special teams with special music are sung with perfection and glamour.
4) Outsource Attendance: The digital technology and pandemic has created another dilemma. Most churches have added online services. People lazily open their gadgets and press the like button or add a monosyllable like: Awesome or Wonderful. Then do not bother to participate. The impression is created that they participated in the worship or bible study or fasting prayer. It could please the pastors and not God.
God expects us to be engaged, involved in all aspects of worship, prayers, meditating word and missions with all our body, heart, mind and soul.
Am I guilty of outsourcing spiritual life?