Authentic Witnesses

There are some enthusiastic people who like to witness for the Lord. They use all opportunities, and some create opportunities. In fact, they see open doors in many uncharted areas of evangelism and mission. One such initiative was to write: “Christ is coming soon.” There was one person who was irritated by this and extended the slogan – ‘to die again’. Christian community was divided: one group favoured the methodology, while the other that declaration like this is arrogant. The truth is that we cannot satisfy everyone’s expectation of communication.
Lord Jesus Christ has all authority over heaven and the earth. His authority embraces all humanity as the creator. Hence, He has delegated His authority to disciples to go, preach and make disciples of all nations. (Matthew 28: 18-20)
1) Preach and Proclaim: God has given us the opportunity to know and believe the truth. As believers, we have the mandate to Preach and Proclaim the gospel. This is based on the spiritual knowledge, conviction and assurance of faith. Yet, for many listeners today, preaching and proclaiming is arrogance.
2) Truth in Love: Yes, we present truth in love, with humility. (Ephesians 4:15) Yet our convictions are not compromised. Even this is objected to by those who are having pride and trying to defend their beliefs by attacking the method and messenger, ignoring the message.
3) Opposition without reason: The Lord Jesus Christ told His disciples that the world will hate them without a cause. (John 15:25) There is a spiritual problem. Neither the messenger nor the method is offensive. The real offense is the message, the truth, the gospel and the exclusive claims of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Sadly, this opposition could turn into hatred and violence.
4) Declare: The mandate is for us to declare the truth. Lord spoke to many of His servants, like Jeremiah. People will not listen or reject the message, but we should not shy away from declaring this ultimate truth. (Jeremiah 7:27)
Am I an authentic, faithful, humble and truthful witness for our Lord?