Bad witnesses

Recently the lies of a politician, who was a darling of many pastors and prophets were exposed in mass media. Along with him, the associates of politicians also confessed their untruths, misrepresentations, subtle lies, and blatant lies. A good number of Christians were upset and worried about how God’s name was taken in vain. Those who do not know the Lord Jesus Christ may develop a negative attitude towards the Church and Christians.
Israel and The Church: God chose Israel as His treasured possession and firstborn of all nations. (Exodus 4: 22; 19:5) Yet, they did not live according to the Law of Moses, failed to be an example, in fact, did worse than many nations that did not know the true God. Indeed, the church is the mystical Body of Christ. Believers are expected to be the salt of earth, light of the earth, and should shine as witnesses like the city on a hill. (Matthew 5:14-16
Absolute Standards: God has revealed His holiness, righteousness, requirements, and expectations through His Word. However, this is not so in most other religions. Sins are justified, declared as good, or misinterpreted and denied. Because of God’s standards, there is an opportunity to think, reflect, repent, and reform.
The Holy Spirit: God has given the gift of the indwelling Spirit of God, who works in the hearts of individuals, communities, and all spheres. The Spirit convicts the sins of individuals, communities, and nations when they search the Scripture.
Prophets: God sends his messengers who could be pastors, bible teachers, prophets, missionaries, or apostles…who continuously teach the requirements of God. They give a clarion call: Back to the Bible. Especially, when the Church is going astray, God raises people like Martin Luther to reform the Church.
God never lacks witness: “Yet he did not leave himself without witness, for he did good by giving you rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying your hearts with food and gladness.” (Acts 14:17) God’s invisible attributes: His eternal power and divine nature is manifest in His creation. (Romans 1:20) Hence, there is no excuse for any person.
Am I a true witness?