Barzillai the Gileadite

When David was fleeing from Absalom his son who wanted to usurp the throne, Barzillai the Gileadite provided for David and his men. (II Samuel 19:31-39) His spiritual maturity and discernment are a model for all.
Rich Man: Barzillai was a rich man. He did not keep his wealth for himself or his descendants. He understood it was God’s blessing and was ready to use it for God. He was not foolish to store up treasure and not be rich towards God. (Luke 12:21)
Generous man: Nabal was also a rich man, but very mean, stingy, and humiliated others including David. (I Samuel 25) Unlike Nabal, Barzillai was generous to give to David and his men who were in distress as he perceived God’s call and purpose in the life of David and the Nation of Israel.
Thoughtful: Barzillai was thoughtful to know that David and his men were hungry, weary, and thirsty. So, he brought beds, basins, and earthen vessels that were needed. Also, he brought food items: wheat, barley, flour, parched grain, beans, lentils, honey, cheese, curds, and sheep. (II Samuel 17:28-29)
No expectation: Barzillai was courteous to escort David for a distance when he returned to Jerusalem. David was magnanimous to extend an invitation to Barzillai to come and stay with him in his palace. Barzillai politely refused to accompany him. Barzillai specifically mentioned that he did not do what he did expecting a reward from the king. His giving had the right motive and right purpose – the glory of God.
Knew his time: Barzillai knew he was eighty years old and would not live for long. Hence, he told David that it was not at this age to listen to music, eat, and drink with the King. And he refused to become a burden for David.
Facilitator: Barzillai sent his son Chimham with David so that he could serve the king and have wider exposure to the outside world. David commanded Solomon to show kindness to him. (I Kings 2:7)
Do I mature, grow, and contribute like Barzillai for His Kingdom?

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