Beatitudes of Revelation

The verses that promise Blessedness are termed as Beatitudes. There are numerous verses in many parts of the Bible. The most popular set is the Sermon on the Mount. (Matthew 5: 3-12) In the Book of Revelation also, there are seven Beatitude verses that give encouragement, assurance and eternal Promises.
1) Read and hear: (Revelation 1:3) The Word of God is true, those who listen, obey and follow are indeed blessed. Hearing is a privilege as it builds our faith. (Romans 10:17)
2: Die in the Lord: (Revelation 14:13) People who exercise faith in Lord Jesus Christ, born again and their names written in the Book of Life indeed are blessed. When they die, it is a transition from a cursed world to a blessed presence. Those who surrender their life for the Lord, enjoy eternal life in His presence.
3. Awake and keep garments: (Revelation 16:15) Christian life is a continuous and consistent struggle with Sin and Satan. They are like a fish, which is insulated from salt even in sea water, a Christian is insulated from sin, by His Word and Spirit.
4) Invited for marriage for the Lamb: (Revelation 19:9) The feast is diligently anticipated, meticulously prepared, lovingly served, and enjoyed by all.
5) First Resurrection: (Revelation 20:6) During the reign of Domitian the Revelation was written. Many Christians died as martyrs. This is a word of encouragement. The martyrs will be part of the First resurrection, will reign with Christ for 1000 years, plus eternal life in New Jerusalem and no second death.
6) Obey the prophecy: (Revelation 22:7) This blessing comes along with the Lord’s promise of the Second Coming. Those who wait for His coming will obey His Commandments and keep themselves pure. (I John 3:3)
7) Keep Commandments: (Revelation 22:14) The saints will have the right to the ‘Tree of Life.’ Adam and Eve were banished and denied access to the Tree of Life, so that they do not prolong their life in sin and curse. Redeemed people of God could live with Him forever.
How do I worship the blessed Saviour who has immensely blessed us?