Brother, worker and soldier

In one pastors’ conference, a megachurch pastor thundered: “I do not call any of the assistant pastors or ‘pillars’. If I call them pillars, they go off breaking the building (a part of the congregation). I call them my shoes. I can throw of my old useless shoes.” Sadly, many pastors applauded this foolish statement. Paul writes about Epaphroditus as “my brother and fellow worker and fellow soldier.” (Philippians 2:25) Three terms that give insight to understand how fellow Christians and fellow workers should be esteemed, cherished, nurtured, loved, and cared for.
1) Brother: Paul considered all believers, especially co-workers as brothers and sisters in the Lord. This noble relationship, he understood when he became blind in his mission to persecute believers in Syria. Ananias addressed Saul (Paul) the persecutor, and murderer as ‘brother’. (Acts 9:17) It was a precious word that was music in the ears of Saul. He learnt that all who are cleansed by the blood of Lord Jesus Christ are brothers and sisters. There is no hierarchy of caste or clan. There are Christian organization leaders and pastors who treat their family members as special, while discriminating others.
2) Worker: God has called all Christians to work in His Vineyard. (Matthew 20:1-16) People could be summoned to work at different hours of the day, yet they were paid according to their need. As workers, we all are ‘unprofitable’ or ‘unworthy’ servants, who do the work we are called, anointed, allotted and appointed to do. (Luke 17:10)
3) Soldier: All believers are in a warfare against Satan, his forces which do not have flesh or blood but spiritual forces or cosmic invisible forces. The enemy is real, only one enemy is Satan. There is no neutral ground or no warfare zone or International Red Cross mandated peace area. Putting the armour of God, we have to be alert, agile and awake always. (Ephesians 6:10-18)
Instead of treating other believers as esteemed, honoured and revered brothers and teachers, may treat them with disdain.
Do I see fellow believers as brothers/sisters, co-workers and soldiers in Christ?