Believing a lie?

There are bookies who are involved in gambling, over sports. Soccer, cricket and other team games have players who could be wooed or intimidated to underplay so that a particular team could close. These bookies want to gain much and making a team or win will benefit them. Several times, the players were caught red-handed and punished. Still, the practice continues in local sports as well as national and international sports. Yet, people sit and enjoy themselves before television sets or in auditoriums. In the post-truth society, lies are also considered as truth. Crooked and twisted society. There are shrines that artificially create certain miracles to attract people. Though exposed, people throng such shrines to worship. Again, truth is considered as irrelevant.
Paul states that people have exchanged the truth of God for a lie. (Romans 1:25) When they do not have spiritual senses to know the truth that is revealed and evident, they follow lies in all aspects of life.
1) Tradition: There are many who do not want to know the truth, as they see traditions of ancestors and forefathers as truth.
2) Trends: Some follow trends, or majority opinion. As so many follows lies presuming as truth, it should be truth.
3) Truth Allergy: There are others who are allergic to truth, as truth exposes their foolishness, selfishness, and sinfulness.
4) Twisted: Some have twisted worldview, for them good is evil and vice versa. Isaiah condemns such people. (Isaiah 5:20)
5) Terrified: Few are terrified of the truth. Adam and Eve were afraid, ashamed, and guilty when they ate the forbidden fruit. Hence, they hid from God. Disobedience to God’s Laws make them terrified.
6) Toxin: Sin, evil and wickedness are toxins that penetrate the personality of a person. Extracting these out is painful, hence people choose lies.
7) Temporal: Many people think of temporal benefits and forget about eternity.
Lord Jesus Christ said that those who esteem, love, regard and follow lies prove that they are children of Satan, the Father of Lies. (John 8:44)
Do I enjoy freedom because of the Truth – the Lord Jesus Christ?