April 2022

Do not despise discipline

Running fast with heavy loads, climbing trees, jumping over walls, swimming, crawling through bushes, lying motionless…etc. These are some of the daily training routines of youngsters recruited for the special elite force of the army. It was tough, risky and even dangerous. However, rigorous training is a must. The potential soldiers consider training as discipline […]

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Paradigm for Giving

Giving is not a natural phenomenon. Most people would like to hoard, not give. People will curse those who hoard in the time of scarcity, while blessing those who sell or distribute. (Proverbs 11:26) Christian giving is based on Gratitude towards God, and generosity towards others. There are clear principles for giving taught in the

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Will a man rob God?

What is dedicated unto the Lord, belongs to God. Tithes also belong to God. When someone is unfaithful, s/he robs from God. (Malachi 3:8-10) Grateful people will joyfully give unto the Lord. It is dangerous to test God, as it is self-destructive, inviting God’s wrath. In the New Testament, Lord Jesus taught that a disciple’s

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Workers are few

Lord Jesus Christ told His disciples that the Harvest is plenty, but the labourers are few. He urged the disciples to pray that there could be more workers to gather the harvest. (Matthew 9:35-38) Throughout the history Lord has sent His workers into the vineyard and continues to recruit more as evident in the Parable

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Dresses or garments

Half the personality of a person comprises his/her garments, says a Tamil proverb. The Bible teaches about clothes, both physical and spiritual. 1) Glorious garment: God created Adam and Eve in His own image. They were clothed with glory or light. (Psalms 104:2; Matthew 17:2) 2) Naked: They lost their glory when they committed sin.

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